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Whether we acknowledge it our not the most important challenge weall face is Climate Change due to Global Warming.  We are rushing toward a precipice and there are those who would wish us to remain distracted and immersed in the humdrum of daily life as catastrophe is rapidly approaching. As a scientist, I know this is our very survival, as General McArthur once put it, may "come down to the width of an eyelash".  Like it or not, we have before us "an ordeal of the most grievous kind" - but one which also holds the potential for tremendous reward. The challenge to which we must now awaken is Climate Disruption and it's resolution - active removal of carbon already in our atmosphere. Allow me to explain.

Polling data shows that most Americans are unaware that the carbon already in our atmosphere will continue to cause global warming for hundreds to thousands of years. Nature has no way of clearing up the mess we have made fast enough for us to survive. Transitioning to sustainable energy is important for the future, but will not help us now. While it is, of course, essential that Arizona shift to sustainable energy sources like solar and wind as rapidly as possible (and our administration will push hard for this transition) simply reducing further emission of greenhouse gasses will not remove the massive amounts of carbon already in the atmosphere. We must do this ourselves in a proactive fashion. I have a plan for doing so which will, in the process, bring jobs and economic prosperity to Arizona.   

Today we wake to find ourselves already at the threshold of an atmospheric point-of-no-return. Scientists tell us that by the mid-2030's we will see the onset of "environmental feedback loops" or "tipping levels" beyond which we will not have the resources to restore our damaged atmosphere. Already some of these feedback loops are beginning: previously reflective arctic ice is melting leaving heat-trapping dark ocean water exposed and vast stores of methane released; atmospheric warming is triggering the release of carbon from soil (where most carbon is stored); increasing ocean acidification is leading to marine die-off; increased water vapor (a strong greenhouse gas) is causing temperatures to climb further; overheated ocean waters are releasing stores of dissolved carbon into the atmosphere; plants becoming too saturated with carbon dioxide to perform life-sustaining photosynthesis; increasing wildfires and insect infestations are releasing more stores of carbon to the atmosphere; disruption of the ocean conveyor which moves heat around our planet has begun in several regions. 

At over 420ppm, and still rapidly climbing, our atmospheric system is beginning to falter. We must address the removal of carbon from the atmosphere before any of our other hopes and dreams for Arizona and America can be realized. We are approaching a Climate Deadline and, for the sake of our grandchildren, we must not cross this threshold. Yes, there are other pressing issues - jobs, migration, crime, taxes, social justice and equality, education, campaign reform to name only a few. But none of this will have lasting importance if we do not wake up to this threat from climate disruption immediately.Now more than ever, we require leadership that is aware of the actual dangers that confront us and is prepared to fight to protect what is still good in our civilization. I have worked directly with the climate scientists assessing atmospheric disruption - projecting it's timeline and outcomes - and developing strategies for climate rescue. I must tell you it is urgent that we realize that recycling, solar panels and wind turbines are not going to stop global warming. Today those are solutions for the sustainable future - a future we will not have if we do not immediately pursue Climate Engineering - the direct removal of carbon already in the atmosphere. This is our challenge and we must rise to it - if not as a nation then as a state.

I stand ready to do everything in my power to provide Arizona with the foresight and leadership required to win this Climate War and safeguard the welfare of Arizonans - no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. I will lead and I will stand with you. I have a plan for bringing Arizona through this  time of "blood, toil, tears and sweat" and although the consequences of losing this fight could not be more grave, there is a way to rescue the future that will bring increased financial security, prosperity and stability - perhaps even a renewed unity of purpose and compassion for one another. It will be touch and go and the most important thing is to awaken now to the danger and choose a leader, whether it is me or another, who understands and is willing to fight for you and along side you. A business as usual Governor risks the loss of all we hold most dear.  If we do not find our "war footing" now we will soon be a footnote in someone else's excavations of history.

As we go forward together I will endeavor to be as clear and straightforward as possible about my intended policies and programs so that voters can make an informed decision. I believe a candidate must remain committed and steadfast to the principles and priorities embodied in their platform. While maintaining efficiently the routine functions of State government, I will also form nine "Revitazona" projects to work on the critical special issues which now confront Arizonans. I will continue to regard you as my partners - not as stepping stones to political success. We will work together or not at all. 

                                                           Dr. Christian R. Komor