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REVITAZONA LITE (The Short Version Of Our Platform)

Particularly because of the serious and imminent danger we all face from the destabilization of our climate that no other candidate is addressing, it is important you elect me as your next Arizona Governor. While we have a comprehensive platform for moving Arizona forward on the issues important to you (examples below) my team will also bring to Arizona a workable step-by-step call Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection (OACC+R) for removing carbon from the atmosphere. (See our website for full details.) All we ask you to do in helping to rescue our future is: (A) Share this information with 3 other people, (B) Ask them to do the same with 3 more people, (C) and, of course, write in your vote for candidate Christian R Komor on November 6th.  

(1) Prioritizing Our Children's Education with increased funding and airport inspired school safety.

(2) Supporting Arizona's Tribal and Latino Communities reducing government interference, supporting self-development, and increasing ease of access to legal accommodations. 

(3) Continuing to Grow Vibrant Business especially in emerging sector jobs in science, engineering and especially the development of carbon capture and OACC+R technology (see Komor4governor.com).  

(4) Creating Health Care Equality ensuring that all Arizonans have access to healthcare including both synthetic and plant-based prescription medications priced fairly for consumers.  

(5) Repairing Climate Change bringing carbon levels in the atmosphere below at least 350 parts per million  by the 2030s and preventing cascading series of negative environmental feedback loops leading to exponential increase in climate change disasters.  

(6) Improving Resource Management and Mitigation including the de-salination, drip irrigation, repair of  infrastructure, and recycling of water and materials. 

(7) Environmental Protection against all threats foreign and domestic.  

(8) Managing Migration and Human Rights for a stronger fairer Arizona.  

(9) Building Stronger Government representing voters rather than special interests. 

(10) Improving Traffic Safety through research-based teaching and policing.  Increasing gun safety while protecting Second Amendment rights.  

(11) Closing The Gender Gap through increasing enforcement of laws against gender-based discrimination and through prosecution of sexual harassment.  

(13) Reducing Poverty by increasing the minimum wage, establishing local hiring ordinances for large employers in low income communities, and subsidizing Community College.  

(14) Strengthening Communities by increasing volunteerism, access to community owned renewables, and  building trust among neighbors and government agencies.